Dresden - New Orleans

And So It Begins

Dresden Files - New Orleans

The adventure begins with a late night phone call from a junior priest at a local church, about an event happening across the street from the church. When Fr. Jack, RAT, and Axel arrive there are 3 creatures (8 legged crocs) attacking an SUV in the parking lot across from the church. The friends lay into the octocrocs leaving nothing but goo in their wake.

The young ladies who had been in the SUV flee the horror and the men who had been on the vehicle extend their gratitude and take their leave.

The next day the three friends are invited to Miami Condo Inc. at One Shell Square to meet with Carlos Salazar. While in the meeting we were offered a job, figure out why his people were being attacked and protect his people. Seeing as the job paid we took it.

Fr. Jack checked with a friend he had in NO PD to see if there were any leads we could be given on that side. We were given locations of attacks and where some of the survivors were currently at.

After questioning the survivors we decided to check out a building in the 9th Ward. While there we were attacked by some Red Court Vampires (RCV). We put them down and exposed their bodies to sunlight. After clearing the building of mortals RAT looked upon the building with his sight and immediately wished he hadn’t; the building was a dark source in the neighborhood holding it back from what it could be.

It was decided that this was why the RCV was attacking the demolitions crew that came to inspect it, and that if the building was no longer there the area may have a chance to grow. It was quickly razed.


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