Dresden - New Orleans

Plans Are Made and Deals Are Struck

From Axel's POV

The Padre and I head to the Valhalla Bar and Grill and speak with Mist. She points us to a Mistress Cleo, who was presently closed. She also informed us that the RCV were not involved in Janice’s death. I head over to Tom’s Tomes to talk to Tommy and do a bit of research. On the way there I run into RAT and tackle him as a red dot appears on his forehead, the bullet hits the wall before we hear the shot. The shooter takes off and I keep hold of RAT to keep him form running into a trap. AT this time Fr. Jack appears and we convince him to continue on to Tom’s. RAT makes a couple purchases and we call it a night.

The next morning Jack finds the card given to us by Mist floating in front of his face. We go talk to the charlatan, Mistress Cleo. After a quick embarrassing run through of her charade she discovers that RAT is a practitioner and the conversation changes. She makes contact with Marie Laveau. After a short conversation we’re informed that if we take out the Reds then the BCV will have free rain. We promise to help her cleanup the Black Court in exchange for allies. We are given a magic hanky that leads us to a place to cross over to winter, RAT uses the hanky to open the way.

Upon crossing over we entered an ice cave. We gain access after a short conversation with an ice troll under guest status under the Accords. In talking with Alena she made an offer. In exchange for the knowledge of Sonia’s location. And in exchange for allies we to to weaken the Baron’s power base. After a short conversation amongst ourselves I offer to check with my contact inside Monac Securities to see if we can strike a better deal.

After speaking with Mother I am able to hammer out a deal for a platoon. In exchange I agree to be summoned within a year, I will drop what I’m doing and heed to the call.

RAT was able to discovered Sonia’s location for the next 24 hours, he seamed rather upset after doing so. I’m concerned that he may be slipping.

RAT also contacted Cort├ęs to get assistance with information gathering and whatever assistance with the strike we can get.

The platoon shows up in the middle of the night in my home, I give a quick briefing of what’s going down (i.e. hurry up and wait).

Wizard Whitie shows up at RAT’s place and instantly starts testing him.

The strike teams are set. Whitie and 10 troops head to a penthouse in a run down hotel to take down one lieutenant, 20 will strike the Red Lips, and 25 will strike Sonia’s safe house with us. RAT discovers explosives in the foundation for the safe house, and devises a ritual that would pull the explosives 50 feet straight down. Whitie was sent to get the materials from the safe house under a veil while RAT went to get the raw materials he would need for the spell.

As an aside a Hurricane is set to hit New Orleans in 3 days, thanks Alena…


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