Dresden - New Orleans

That's It For The Reds

From Axel

We left RATat the hotel to whip up his spell and made our way to Sonia’s safe house. On our way we ran into an old friend, Lilly. She could tell that something was going down and demanded to be in on it.

When everyone was at the safe house, an old run down apartment building in the 9th ward, the signal was given to cut com and gas from the building. The Monoc soldiers setup a perimeter to clean up any vamps that tried to make a break for it.

We went in the front setting off a trap. All we felt was a small rumble beneath us, RAT’s spell worked. Along with that we saw heads peak out from every door on the floor. Seeing four people armed for battle doors were locked and barred. Lilly suggested that the Padre make use of the sprinkler system. We found the service room and Father blessed the holding tank for the sprinklers. RAT devised a quick spell to link all the sprinkler heads and set them off all at once.

With that the vamps started to scream on the floors above us, and one on the ground floor forget that it was daylight in his rush to escape the holy water. The troops outside ended it quickly. Two vamps came down the stairs wearing slickers. We dispatched one quickly and injured the second before it made a break up the stairs. The Padre and I gave chase while Lilly went up the second stair case, RAT joined her.

The good Father and I ran right into a grenade bouncing down the stairs. Not to be deterred we kept right on going and came out with minimal damage, and made short work of the injured vamp. On the second floor they had cut off the sprinklers, literally. Lilly and RAT came up behind Sonia and went to work, Lilly on the guard detail and RAT on the bitch. RAT can sure pack a punch when he wants to…

The Padre and I engaged the two guards on our side of the hall, I managed to take down one before an opportunity to strike Sonia down presented it self. With the aid of my Grandfather and the power stored in my sword Sonia was dead. We made short work of the demoralized remnants of the guard detail and left.

The following morning the Hurricane struck with lots of wind and one hell of a light show, but no rain. It stopped over the city. If that weren’t bad enough the dead were walking the streets as well. Father Jack summoned us to St. George‚Äôs.

The Black Court was making its move.


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