Dresden - New Orleans

This Shit Just Got Real

From Axel

It was decided that it was time to deal with the White Court. We went on over to the known location of Chase Skavis and Edward Malvora to find the body of Janice M in the back of their Hummer.

This sent RAT into a rage. He removed her corpse from the SUV then launched it into through the house. Fr. Jack and I went left while RAT went right.

On the right the Fr. and I found Ed standing over a group of girls feeding. Fr. shot him in the back, Ed spun and through a knife in to Fr.’s leg. I charged in and took a swing at him. Fr. took another shot and the creature grabbed a hostage. I went ahead and placed a hand ax in his skull, at which point the girls got a bit of courage, turned on him and finished him off.

Meanwhile RAT was dealing with Chase, by bringing down the rest of the house on him. Then attempted to use gravity to rip him in half. Chase continued to spew despair at RAT, who punched him in the face with his katara.

Fr. got the girls out and I finished off Chase. We got the girls to the safety of the church and took Janice’s body to her apartment, RAT would call in a missing person report in a couple days.

We went to Adrianna Nash (Raith) to try to drum up support for a strike on Sonia Tremmaine and got a business card for a brothel, the Red Lips. Fr. contacted Lt. O’Malley to attempt to get some info on the place but was shot down. He said that it was being investigated and couldn’t talk about it.

When Wizard Cortés was contacted we were given some usefull info. We could expect about 20 vamps around Sonia and Cortés wouldn’t do the strike with less than five seasoned Wardens.

We have some planning to do…


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