Axel Konrad Sanders


High Concept: Son of a Valkyrie
Trouble: Grandfather’s Preparation

  1. Berserker
  2. The Life of a Hero
  3. Protector of the weak
  4. Rune Carver
  5. I’ll Take That Bet

+ 5 Lore
+ 4 Weapons, Athletics
+ 3 Fists, Endurance, Might
+ 2 Conviction, Resources, Discipline
+ 1 Guns, Scholarship, Alertness, Intimidation

Stunts & Powers

Berserker: You may choose to go into a berserk rage gaining a +1 to attacks and attacks do + 1 stress, but all your defenses are at minus 1 Once he enters this mode, he must attack his foes until he or they are dead

Death Sight: you have a 6th sense about when someone is fated to die

Inhuman Strength YS 183

Sponsored Magic, Rune Carver

Wizards Constitution



Bike Armor: + 1 All, + 2 Bullets, Strength 3 Armor (3 Activations)
Broad Sword: Weapon + 3. + 5 shifts Thunder, 3 uses. Recharges by stealing a small amount of sound from the environment.
Throwing Ax: Weapon + 2. + 6 shifts Lightning. Plugin to recharge.
Sheath on Bike: Strength +1 (6 activations) Sonic discharge if attempted to be opened by someone not attuned to it (It is attuned to ring Axel wears)
Large Handgun: + 3
3 Spell Tiles


Phase One: Where did you come from

Born and raised and raised just outside of St. Paul MN Axel was raised primarily by his father Jacob. His mother (Herja) was a hit and miss presents in his life as she was constantly traveling for her job. Axel went to a number of elite schools; he was also kicked out of a number of elite schools for fighting. As Axel entered his teen years anger problems were added to the fighting, it was at this point that his mother became a larger influence in his life. Axel’s mother taught him to control his anger, and how to release it properly.

Phase Two: What Shaped you (1996)

Herja invited Axel to take a trip with her on business. Over the course of the trip it is revealed just what Herja is, who her “employer” is, and what Axel could become. Now knowing what was in his blood he was left with the choice: live the life of a hero and earn a place in Valhalla, or allow his abilities to slip away and resume life as a true mortal. After returning home Axel began studding the use of Runes.

When the Saints went Marching Out (2005)

Aspect: Protector of the weak

Guest Staring Father Jack & RAT

With the preternatural community growing uneasy and Katrina bearing down on the city it begins to look like this won’t be just another hurricane. Anyone that is smart is fleeing the city, while supernatural creatures flood the city. It quickly becomes evident that the storm and the preternatural turmoil associated with it is providing the perfect time to strike, but at what? Axel quickly finds himself in the middle of a struggle that is beyond his grasp. With both light and dark Elves , the Red Court, both Courts of the Sidhe, and human practitioners all mixed together Axel is forced to call on friends to try to save the life of the girl caught in the middle?

(The girl has a strong talent for Voodoo, but the Loa stay out of the conflict.[Tim, does she live or die?])

Phase 4: Guest Appearance RAT (2004-early 2005?)

Title: The first of four

Aspect: Rune Carver

While on a research trip in Norway Axel stumbled upon a fight in a grave yard, not being one to pass up a good fight he throws in for the mortal.

Phase 5: Guest Appearance Father Jack

Title: Hunter Hunted

Aspect: I’ll Take That Bet

Axel was wrapping up a stint in Germany, repaying a favor done to him, when he is attacked by a group of RCV. He finds help in an unlikely place, a gun toting priest…

Character Summery/Info:
Axel stands 6’2" 200lbs and is built for combat. He was piercing blue eyes with red hair cut in a military style high and tight.

Growing up he was constantly in fights, which meant he changed schools often. Because of this he’s always been a bit of a loner with few friends. With the help of his mother he had learned to control his rage by the time he hit junior high, this kept him from ever doing any real permanent damage.

He learned of his true heritage in high school. He was given the choice to either embrace his mother’s blood line, or allow his abilities to go undeveloped remaining simply mortal. Through out high school Axel trained in combat and in the form of magic that his mother practiced. Upon completion of school and his training he moved to New Orleans, seeing it as a hot spot for preternatural activity. He spent nearly 4 years there before Katrina hit.

Axel Konrad Sanders

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