Father Jack Evans

Father Jack Evans - Hunter of the Holy Order


Template: True Believer
High Concept: Hunter of the Holy Order
Trouble: I Drown My Demons
Phase Aspects:

  • I am making this up as I go
  • Rangers Lead the Way! (Ranger Creed)
  • My Faith protects me, My Kevlar helps.
  • Stubborn Old Bastard
  • Protector of His flock

Great: Conviction, Guns
Good: Presence, Athletics, Endurance
Fair: Alertness, Driving, Intimidate, Fists
Average: Survival, Resources, Contacts, Lore, Scholarship, Investigation


Phase One (Background): Where Did You Come From

I grew up just outside New Orleans. I was the youngest child and only boy of 3 children born to my parents, two very religious, God fearing people. My teen years were spent getting myself into trouble. Started out as small theft and pick-pocketing, and worked my way up to stealing cars and burglary. At the age of 19, I did what many boys with no big plans for the future do, I joined the Army.

Phase Two (Rising Conflict): What Shaped You?

I did well in the military, learning responsibility and taking pride in what I do. I advanced quickly and was recruited into the Rangers. During my time in the Army I also found a relationship with God, which lead me to study to become a priest. During my study I was approached by Bishop Maretti about an opportunity to greater serve the church, an opportunity that someone with my skills and training would find great success at. He told me there would be adventure, travel and events that would challenge and test my abilities. I agreed to take up Bishop Maretti’s offer, little did I know what I was in for.

Phase Three (The Story): What Was Your First Adventure

Title: Hunter Hunted

Guest Starring:

For his initiation test into the Hunters of the Holy Order, Jack is sent to (to be determined city) to investigate a possible ghoul attack and take care of any trouble he finds. But Jack finds he may be in over his head when he discovers the attacks are coming from a large nest of Red Court vampires that have infested the town.

Phase Four: Whose Path Have You Crossed? (Guest Starring for Jason)

Title: The First of Four

While back working in New Orleans, I run into Robert who is investigating the murder of Uncle Albert. I offer my help and we discover that a Red Court Vampire is behind the murder. I think I now have a greater ally in my fight against the Reds.

Phase Five: Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed? (Guest Starring for Andrew)


Character Summary/Info:

I was sent to a remote church in England, to learn more about exactly what I was joining into. I meet an older priest named Father Dorrin, he welcomed me and showed me to a room where I would stay during my time at the church. Any questions about why I was there were kindly dismissed, and that we would begin in the morning. In the morning Father Dorrin stated that I was recruited to become a potential member of the Venatori Umbrorum. It was his job to determine if I was of the right caliber to become a Hunter of the Holy Order within the Venatori Umbrorum. I was given an old tome that was labeled Brother Kirkwood’s Guide to the Unknown. I was told to study the book for the day and come back the next morning for additional explanation. Ghouls, ghosts, vampires, demons? I questioned if I was the victim of some elaborate hoax, but I looked the book over and returned the next morning.

The contents of the book described all sorts of monsters, demons, beasts, and faerie tale creatures, with notes about strengths and weaknesses. Father Dorrin explained the Hunters of the Holy Order are a small group within the Venatori Umbrorum dedicated to protecting God’s flock from the supernatural. They can trace the Hunter’s history back to the Knights Templar, where they were a secret branch of the Templar’s that dealt with the supernatural not known to the greater community. Because of the Hunter’s secretive nature, they were able to continue on after the general fall of the Knights Templar. The Hunters of the Holy Order remains a relatively small group within the Venatori Umbrorum, as the beliefs of the Hunters are not shared by all members.

After a couple weeks study with Father Dorrin, I was sent on my initiation mission. If completed, and I survived, I would be a full member of the Hunters of the Holy Order. My mission was to investigate possible ghoul attacks near (to be determined city).

Father Jack Evans

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