Robert Amarranth Talberg

RAT is a quiet, sometimes too quick to act, wizard who dabbles in martial arts.


High – Wizard of the next generation
trouble – Showoff (I like a little flash to my bang)
1 – alone in a strange land
2 – on the edge
3 – revenge sponge
4 – reckless
5 – his father’s son

4 – Conviction, Discipline, Lore
3 – Athletics, Endurance, Alertness
2 – Scholarship, Craftsmanship, Fists
1 – Presence, Burglary, Resources, rapport

stress tracks
physical: 4
mental: 4
Social: 3
armor: 0

Current Fate Points: 4

Stunts and Powers
-3 Evocation
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 The Sight
0 Soulgaze
0 Wizard’s Constitution

Magics – Earth, Air, Spirit
Specialization (evocation) – Earth Magic – Power +1
Specialization (thaumaturgy) – Strength – Crafting +1

Focust items (3)
Shoe (left) – Earth – offensive control +1
Shoe (right) – Earth – defense control +1
ring – air – offensive power +1

enchanted items (2 open)
- currently working on a magically armored hoodie


creed/saying/summary thing: My family was destroyed and cast to the winds by the ignorance of the Wardens. My teacher was killed by a twisted monster. I have spent my life training in order to destroy those that have done wrong to my family. When all in my wake is ash, I shall enter the council, and reform the Wardens myself.

High Concept: Techno Wiz
trouble: Showoff (I like a little flash in my bang)
magic elements: Earth, Air, Spirit

Phase 1: Where Did You Come From?
summary: Originally born in Iowa, he lived with the rest of his family until the age of 13, when circumstances outside of his control forced him to relocate and live with a family friend in New Orleans. He was a geek before and after the move, more so after the move, and his love of technology never went away, even after his talents awakened. He originally lived with 2 parents and 3 siblings before the move.
aspect: Alone in a strange land

Phase 2: What shaped you?
summary: His “move” at the age of 13 was due to a fight between his parents and some wardens. He knew what his parents were, sorcerors, and that out of his 2 older siblings, at least one had shown a talent for magic as well. Due to the potential magic users in the house, the wardens and white council kept a close eye on the house as a whole. An aggressive warden started pushing into the house and claiming that the Talberg family were using dark magic, it quickly came push to shove, and the Talberg family finally shoved back. Using a gust of wind, Father Talberg ejected the warden 20ft from the front of the house. The warden came back later with a squad to take Father Talberg in. When push came to shove this time, it got lethal.

The Wardens struck hard and fast, as is their way. Robert was around during the fight, and saw his father die. It was at this point that Robert learned his father was a full fledged wizard, and not just a sorceror. Father Talberg let out his death curse, in a way no one had seen coming. He brought in so much power he transported his children to different parts of the globe, to stay with secret and trusted contacts of his own. The excess power Father Talberg used in his death curse was let loose to bring chaos down amongst the area. Out of the 3 wardens that came for him, only one escaped without permanent harm, or so they think. One has never been seen since, and the other was turned into a goldfish, which they say resides with the unharmed warden.

Robert got dropped off in New Orleans with a man he now calls “Uncle Albert”, a minor talent. Uncle Albert has lived in the same place for years, and has a secret lab, with books and other equipment in case Robert eventually shows talent, or arrives with it.He does not know about his 3 siblings or his mother. If anyone was to know who the contacts were and where to find them, it would be his mother. Since it has been 15 years since that day, he expects that she was hunted down.

He has learned the fate of only one sibling. The other three remain unknown to him.
aspect: on the edge

Phase 3: Your First Adventure
title: The first of four
story: Robert decides to track down one of his siblings. Using his father’s immense pride in being pure norweigen, he goes there first, and begins by throwing his weight around in order to find out a bit more about his family and finds out his father was at least mildly known in that part of the world. In the end, after a week, Robert comes to the grave of his older brother, the one that had yet to develop a talent before they were spirited away. While he was at the grave, he was attacked. He won the fight, technically, because his assailant retreated before either could perish. Robert swears he was winning at the end though. Upon his arrival home, he is greeted by the police and informed that Uncle Albert had been murdered while he was gone. With a little investigation of his own, and more than likely some weight being thrown around, he finds out it was a red court vampire by the name of Christopher Laughlin. Robert has sworn to kill Chris, obviously.
aspect: Revenge sponge

Phase 4: Guest Starring (Andrew)
Title: When the saints go marching out
added: While out and about during the storm, RAT is nearly hit by his friend Axel, who is in pursuit of some vampires. Startled, RAT accidentally hexes the vehicle, stopping Axel’s pursuit cold and leaving them easily flanked. Add a bunch of moving water on top of that to make the wizard struggle, and they were both in for a fun night, all thanks to RAT and his little startle.
aspect: Reckless

Phase 5: Guest Starring Redux (Matt)
Title: Hunter Hunted
added: While out learning some new cultural ideas on magic and the elements, RAT hears of a village under siege, so RAT goes to help. Running into Father Jack, his “uncles” old friend, it isn’t long before RAT pulls out his magical haymakers in order to help, and reveal to Jack that he is a wizard, forever changing their relationship.
Aspect: His father’s son

Character Summer/Info: Robert AmarranthTalberg, RAT, is a wizard due to bloodline and education alone. He hides himself from the white council out of fear due to the incident between his parents and the Wardens, even though he himself never did anything actually wrong. RAT wants to eventually hunt down the warden that killed his father, not to kill the warden, but physically cripple him for the rest of his life.

Due to this drive, RAT has done everything in his power to advance his skills in magic, even though he plans on using far more mundane ways to cripple the warden. The worst thing to say to RAT is “you don’t have enough ability/power to do that”. If RAT believes he has enough support to stay safe afterwards, he’ll put himself into a week long coma to prove someone wrong. His uncle called it Marty McFly Madness.

RAT has always been a gamer and movie lover, and has seen that magic users are doomed, soon rather than later, in the world. He believes that wizards should be spending more time figuring out how to not interfere with devices and technology, and then standardizing that in the human world. RAT believes that when humans are eventually forced to leave the planet, live in floating cities, etc, wizards and the like will have to withdraw from the world of mundane man, and leave them unguarded against the real monsters out there.

Due to this, RAT spends a staggering amount of time in his lab trying to figure out a way to keep technology from frying when a wizard sneezes or throws a temper tantrum.

RAT stands 5’11" and weights 150lbs, making him somewhat lanky. He has shoulder length red hair, pierced ears, a tribal tattoo covered body, and enough rings to make you think he’s contemplating a career in hip hop. Really, this is where his focus items are, because he thinks a staff is just cliche. Rumor has it even his shoes have a little something extra in them.

Due to his love of fighting games, RAT has become a fierce contender in hand to hand combat, and even focuses most of his magic around up close and personal attacks.

current state of mind:
RAT’s mental state is quickly becoming questionable. He has begun research into how to make contact with other worldly beings for power, because he feels he will need it very soon.

The stress on his mind has come from the fact he has lost his only true friend, his business may be in peril, he has lost a sister, he has gained another sister, he has almost been put on trial by the white council, someone tried to snipe him, and the list goes on.

Once the assault on the reds is complete, he plans on threatening the life of any white council wizard or warden that ever approaches him again with an air of arrogance. While he is not an “officially trained white council wizard”, he refuses to be treated like trash by them. He plans to send this message back with “whitey”.

After that, and a little rest, he plans on going to the white court vampire ladies home and putting a vehicle through her house next. RAT believes she has been using him and that she is the one truly responsible for the photos that got Janice killed and the sniper. Reason being, the whites must know about the blacks in the reds territory, and that if the reds are 100% taken down, the blacks will be able to expand and overrun the whites.

Robert Amarranth Talberg

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