Dresden - New Orleans

How Did We Get in this Hole?

After razing the abandoned building the group headed home. They were met with invitations to a party being held at Nash Resort, being thrown by none other than Adrianna Nash herself in 2 days. Fr. Jack did some digging and turned up some evidence that she was connected to House Raith of the White Court of Vampires and what that meant for us (The WCVs prefer to work through cat’s-paws and by manipulation, the WCV that is forced into an open fight has already lost in the eyes of the rest of the Court). We were now officially pawns.

We were each picked up in a flashy limo and brought to the resort. Once there we were directed to a gazebo by a goon that wasn’t wholly there. The gazebo held a note that welcomed us and laid out the protections that we were entitled to, so long as we behaved as good guests.

Upon entering the mansion we were greeted by Adrianna Nash who asked us to wait in the dining room so she could speak with us in private, she would stop in within a few minutes.

We entered the dining room and were greeted with a surprised “YOU!!” from a woman dressed in a scarlet dress. She invited us to sit and introduced herself as Sonia Tremmaine. The conversation went down hill form there. She had pictures of us outside the building before it collapsed and threatened to take them to the local authorities. We responded with a solid ‘Okay, that’ll be incontinent but nothing will come of it.’ She started to bring up bodies, but we quickly informed her that we exposed all of her fellows to sunlight ensuring that there were no bodies. Oh, and all the mortals were informed that it would be a good idea to leave the premises before the building fell.

Adrianna entered the room chuckling saying ‘They got you Sonia’ Sonia quickly left in a flustered huff. Adrianna took a seat and got down to business. She informed us that there had been a series of killings in Terry Town, and that all the NOPD saw were suicides. If we wanted to protect the people of New Orleans we should look into Chase Skavis.

With that we were welcomed to the party and bidden to enjoy ourselves. Fr. Jack and Axel took their leave while RAT stayed and partook of the festivities for a while.

The following day, a Sunday, Fr. Jack got in touch with Lt. O’Malley to see what he could dig up. We found out that Chase Skavis was a New Yorker and drove an H2 with a license plate that read FEAR. The kind Lieutenant offered to have some of the officers keep a look out for it for us. We also were informed that the suicides in the area we strangely high nothing looked suspicious, there was one survivor that was being held in a psych ward in the Westwego neighborhood.

It was decided that we could stop in and talk the the woman on our way to look into the Miami Condo property. Fr. Jack got us into see the woman only to find out that she had broken free of her straight jacket, ripped out her eyes, and finally bit open her wrists. RAT had a quick peek in with his sight and saw the remenants of the psychic attack that drove her to kill herself.

Jack was able to determine that her “brother” had just been in to see her. We walked out cursing only to curse some more as we discovered that all of our tires had been slashed, the knife had been left in one of our tires.

After calling AAA and a cab RAT performed a quick tracking spell on the knife to find it’ sheath. The knife lead us back to Terry Town and the white H2. The sheath had been duct taped to the wheel well.

And So It Begins
Dresden Files - New Orleans

The adventure begins with a late night phone call from a junior priest at a local church, about an event happening across the street from the church. When Fr. Jack, RAT, and Axel arrive there are 3 creatures (8 legged crocs) attacking an SUV in the parking lot across from the church. The friends lay into the octocrocs leaving nothing but goo in their wake.

The young ladies who had been in the SUV flee the horror and the men who had been on the vehicle extend their gratitude and take their leave.

The next day the three friends are invited to Miami Condo Inc. at One Shell Square to meet with Carlos Salazar. While in the meeting we were offered a job, figure out why his people were being attacked and protect his people. Seeing as the job paid we took it.

Fr. Jack checked with a friend he had in NO PD to see if there were any leads we could be given on that side. We were given locations of attacks and where some of the survivors were currently at.

After questioning the survivors we decided to check out a building in the 9th Ward. While there we were attacked by some Red Court Vampires (RCV). We put them down and exposed their bodies to sunlight. After clearing the building of mortals RAT looked upon the building with his sight and immediately wished he hadn’t; the building was a dark source in the neighborhood holding it back from what it could be.

It was decided that this was why the RCV was attacking the demolitions crew that came to inspect it, and that if the building was no longer there the area may have a chance to grow. It was quickly razed.


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