Lafeyette Cemetary-Why the hell cant you rest in peace?- Marie Laveau:Voodoo demi-god

St. George’s Church – On Hallowed Ground- Father Reynolds —Matt

Bar-Valhalla Bar N’ Grill- Where everybody knows your name.- Mist:Barmaid—all

Klickze – Nerd Emporium-Jeff S: Swing Manager -Jason

Tom’s Tomes-mystic materials-Tommy:owner -drew

City Hall- Copious amounts of red tape-Bob Brown: Corrupt Mayor

Nash Resort- What happens at Nash resort stays at Nash resort. Adrianna Nash -(Raith)

One Shell Square, 16th floor – Enjoy the view – Miami Condo Inc. -Carlos Salazar: Junior Exec

9th ward drug den-Where the drugs are cheap- Sonia Tremmaine-Red court

Bayou- Wilder than any jungle -Baron

New Orleans Zones


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