Dresden - New Orleans

It's a Trap!

From Axel's POV

It was decided that we would take a day and see what happened. RAT, being the business man that he is went into Klickes the next day to do whatever it is a wizard does when he owns an internet café. About mid-morning RAT received a visitor, a Warden Cortés of the White Council. Just as the conversation got started Fr. Jack and I arrived. The warden was there to collect RAT, bring him before a tribunal, find him guilty, and behead him. All based off of a tip that mortal’s were killed when magic was used to bring down a building killing mortals, and what’s more bodies were found. RAT naturally disagreed with him. Violence was threatened, from both sides, but Fr. Jack was able to turn the negations around. It was explained that the RCV was not happy with us and that if a Seer was brought in there would be no need for the “trial.”

Cortés conceded this and agreed to allow RAT his freedom until after a Seer could take a look, but demanded a strand of hair to track him with incase RAT decided to flee. After an oath on Cortés’s power and some violence to obtain the hair from a defiant RAT Cortés left, the trial was set to begin in three hours.

With that the we decided the grab a meal, RAT kindly paid as this could be his last meal. As we left the International House of Pancakes we were met by two wardens. RAT was given back his hair. It was revealed that the individuals found in the ruble had been killed in their sleep (the building was brought down in the middle of the day) by a single blow to the head; then made to look like the building fell on them.

RAT inquired as to why Cortés didn’t return the hair himself. It turned out that he and the Seer were at the scene looking for more information. Smelling a trap the we mounted a rescue. Upon arrival it proved to be unnecessary. Cortés actually apologized to RAT, though it looked like it caused the old wardedn physical trauma. It was quickly followed by a recruitment schpeal. RAT informed Cortés that he would join the Council someday, but it would be on his terms and he would be making changes when he did.

At about this time the good Father had noticed something on the ground and was bending over to investigate. If he hadn’t the ghoul in the neighboring building might have put a round in his chest instead of grazing his shoulder. In the ensuing battle RAT showed up a Regional Commander and the group cleaned up four ghouls. Afterwards Cortés said that he could use a group like this to help out with things in the city. Being out of work I quickly piped up stating that I was up for working freelance. Cortés offered $4,000 a month (half a warden’s pay) each to take on any issues with vampires. Seeing as we were already doing this, and being paid by another group to accomplish the same goal, we naturally agreed.

After retrieving bullets and thrown weapons, and searching the bodies it was discovered where the ghouls had been living. A search of the condemned building rewarded the us with a laptop. A search of the laptop, under the distant guide of RAT at Klicks, revealed that the ghouls were mercs that were working almost exclusively for Sonia. Along with this came contact information. Also on the laptop were workups on of each of us. It was clear that if we hadn’t shown up there would have been attempts made to take us out individually. The trip to the lair also revealed the presence of the Black Court in the Ninth Ward.

After searching the laptop I received a call from Carlos. There was trouble in the bayou and he needed us there now. When the we got to the designated location all that was found was a fan boat. A call to Carlos showed that we were indeed supposed to take the boat and follow the map inside. After a short trip the we arrived at a small hut on an island. Smelling yet another trap the I called Carlos again, and heard a ring from inside the hut. We were bid to enter.

Inside we found Carlos bound and newly gagged with the Bayou Baron standing over him. Negotiations began in an attempt to save the lives of all mortals present and the city of New Orleans itself. In the end the Baron was satisfied with a deal that halted expansion into the bayou and allowed the city to remain. The Baron also stated that any worker that so much as entered his domain would be met with a swift death. The group was granted safe passage out of the bayou with Carlos by the most direct route possible.

Along the way Carlos objected to the deal, claiming that there was no way to limit the building projects to the Ninth Ward (which is what was recommended). It was explained that if he couldn’t keep from expanding into the bayou we would not assist him. The Ninth Ward was a good target, it would gain his company good press for instigating urban renewal and helping rebuild one of the hardest hit sections of the city (the government might even help with funding). Carlos would just have to make sure that his bosses understood that this was the best option for them.


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